In the academic year 2017/2018, the Faculty of Chemistry of Lodz University of Technology in collaboration with the Center for International Education of Lodz University of Technology launched a new field of study within engineering studies- Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials (ABIOM).

Studies at the ABIOM are conducted in English. The study program is interdisciplinary and combines selected topics from chemistry, medicine, biology, physics and technical sciences. Students will gain knowledge in the design, production and analysis of the properties of functional materials of biological and medical significance. They will also acquire knowledge of the applications of functional materials as well as their disposal. In addition, the study program includes knowledge of technological processes based on renewable resources.

Students are offered lectures conducted by representatives of industry, internships and a mobililty semester carried out in cooperation with partner universities in Poland and abroad. The ABIOM study program makes use of modern teaching methods PBL/DT (Problem Based Learning/Design Thinking). It allows students to solve real problems and develop soft skills and work in a team. With the support of the TUL authorities, the Faculty of Chemistry created a specially equipped PBL/DT classroom.

Please feel invited to study our offer of the new field of study at the Faculty of Chemistry at TUL.