1st cycle studies – engineering studies, full-time

Language: English

Name of the field of study: Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials

The Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials course is conducted in English. This field of study is interdisciplinary and combines selected topics of chemistry, biology, medicine, physics and technical sciences in order to design, manufacture and analyse the properties of functional materials of biological and medical significance, their applications and disposal. The study program also includes knowledge of technological processes based on renewable raw materials.

Each student of the Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired Materials, as part of the study program, will complete at least one semester (6th semester) – “Mobility Semester” at the partner university.

Duration of studies:

  • 4.0 years

In the area of knowledge and professional skills, graduates will be prepared for work related to:

  • selection, modelling of properties and analysis of biomaterials,
  • the design of medical devices with the desired functionality,
  • designing and performing separation and analysis of biological materials used, among others, in medical diagnostics, they will also have the ability to independently solve problems related to the broadly understood subject of biomaterials, but also the ability to work in an international team and communicate with specialists of various disciplines (including: medicine, materials engineering, chemistry, biology, biochemistry).

Graduates will find employment in enterprises, scientific units, research and development centres, consulting and certification institutions related to the broadly understood field of biomaterials and functional materials, as well as in other related branches of industry and science (e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical industries, the fuel sector of modern technologies). They will be able to hold the positions of biomaterials constructors and technologists. Graduates will be prepared to undertake second and third cycle studies and work in interdisciplinary national and international teams.